Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Little Girl Is Growing Up

So it is crazy to think that our little girl is old enough to lose a tooth. I was out for a bit and when I came home, Rick and the kids were on the floor looking for something. When I asked what they were looking for they said "Ella's tooth". What? how could they do this while I was away. So I guess while i was out Ella came in telling Rick her mouth was bleeding. Rick started looking at and realized her tooth had come out. Now Rick had tried to get this tooth out for awhile with no luck and at times, Ella can be kind of a wimp. So the question was.... Where did the tooth go? Well we couldn't find it and decided Ella would have to write a letter the tooth fairy to explain what happened. Welll the tooth fairy must have understood becuase she got some money out of it!

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