Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Summer Fun!

The Casella family reunion took over Tamarack...

Logan and Frida
they are so cute to each other

The wild flowers were so beautiful!

We got my sister hooked to rock band, she loved the guitar so much one night she had a claw hand...

My sisters family and her swan

The paddles boats. Lots of work and it was sooooo hot.

Oh, how cute ,right. My sister just bought those pops just to take a picture. And it did make cute pictures!

Frida and I on her birthday

This is The Casellas

So to all that did not know my sister and her kids from Brooklyn, New York came to visit for a month. And that is one reason I did not work on my post. But with her here we were able to do lots of fun activites around Boise.

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