Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Boise State Broncos!

In the fall there is one thing we all look forward to.... BOISE STATE FOOTBALL! Our broncos had another great year, even though they didn't go as far as they did last year! Rick used all his season tickets and he was nice enough to take me to a few games. He was "super dad" once and took both kids to a game all by himself while I was in New York. Rick and I went to Logan to watch BSU and Utah State. We were able to meet all of our good friend down there to see the broncos crush Utah State. It was fun because I sat and visited with all the girls while Rick caught up with all his boyz! We are hoping Logan can use his arm to play for the Broncos in 16 years. Rick is working on it with him and bought him a jersey that he wears every game day. Rick is already looking forward to next season and will be lost for the next 8 months after BSU plays in the Hawaii Bowl on December 23rd. Go Broncos!!!!

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