Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cleaning the toilet

So it becomes very quiet and we decide to go check on the kids because when things are all quiet, you know that is never good. When we went into the bathroom we saw Logan playing with a toilet plunger in the toilet and Ella encouraging him. When we asked what they were doing, the looked at us and told said they were cleaning the toilet. So we just shook our head, laughed, and took a picture. What else could we do?


Allen Family said...

What a perfect activity for your wee ones! Your trashy-ness has officially been added to the list o' friends. I hope you'll return the honors. You know that your scent was just too strong for me not to find you! But, man, was it fun when I did-smells aside and all.

Glad all looks well on the home front for you and the gang. I saw your comment on Nik's blog. Tell Jeff Sessions I said hi. Where's Paul at these days? I tell friends about the game of "saw" (i.e., hand slapping) all the time, but noone seems to quite share my enthusiasm. Where's Rudy when you need him?!

Keep on keeping on and share the love via blog-o-sphere.

Sarah said...

Love your blog Michelle! And I especially love the picture with the plunger. I have found Henry doing this many times and it kills me every time! Have a Merry Christas!

Kai and Amy said...

Hey! Do you remember Kai and Amy Davis? I found your blog on Becca and Joel's blog so I took a peek. Your kids are really cute. I am glad to see that you are doing well. I saw some pictures from a camping trip you took with Nicole and Ket and I think the Salo's too. It was fun to find you! Our blog is kaidavis12@blogspot.com
Merry Christmas!

Nicole said...

When ever it is quite, you know it means something...Now you just need to teach them really how to clean then toliet. Do it now when they want to...then you won't have to!!!!! Have a Merry Christmas, love ya guys!

Aaron Peterson said...

Dude, Logan was just cleaning up the mess you made. you need more fiber in your diet with a heavy dose of Tots on Your Head.